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Monday, May 22, 2006

Is Longer Life more of a plus or a minus?

Short snapshot of the debate, but the economic arguments are interesting:

Longer life could have a downside - LiveScience -
"Whether through genetic tinkering or technology that mimics the effects of caloric restriction — strategies that have successfully extended the lives of flies, worms and mice — a growing number of scientists now think that humans could one day routinely live to 140 years of age or more.

Extreme optimists such as Aubrey de Gray think the maximum human lifespan could be extended indefinitely, but such visions of immortality are dismissed by most scientists as little more than science fiction.

While scientists go back and forth on the feasibility of slowing, halting or even reversing the aging process, ethicists and policymakers have quietly been engaged in a separate debate about whether it is wise to actually do so."

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Aubrey De Gray Interview

Perhaps I haven't been aiming high enough - I was just looking at making it to next year, not living 1,000 years - but Aubrey De Gray has created a bit of a stir with his view that we should consider it seriously and research it right now. Video courtesy of Youtube.