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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Congnitive Enhancement becomes "Genius Pill" News - Features - A genius pill: would you be really stupid to swallow it?: "Modafinil is a 'cognitive enhancement' drug licensed in Britain and the US for the treatment of narcolepsy (a rare disorder in which patients fall asleep during the day), but is fast becoming the pep pill of choice for anyone who needs their brain to be working in overdrive or wants to stay up all night and still be functional the next day.

Made by pharmaceutical company Cephalon and variously branded as Provigil or Modavigil, it can keep a person awake and alert for up to 90 hours without either the highs or jitters that amphetamines or caffeine would induce. It is huge in the States (American Vogue devoted four pages to it this month), with sales doubling from a million in 2002 to two million last year. Its properties are also highly regarded by the military; French soldiers use modafinil and the British MoD has bought more than 24,000 tablets since 1998."

those involved volunteers who were subjected to 60 hours of sleep deprivation. During their continued wakefulness, their vigilance was assessed using questionnaires, visual scales and sleep latency tests. The subjects received either 200 mg Modafinil or a placebo every 8 hours. The Modafinil group sustained a satisfactory level of vigilance with an absence of sleep episodes, unlike the placebo group who gradually declined and slipped into 'micro-sleep' episodes, (as one might expect when awake for longer than 24 hours). Another study conducted over 3 years discovered that Modafinil reduced drowsiness in 83% of hypersomniac patients and 71% of narcoleptics. Modafinil did not produce side effects, disturb night sleep, or promote drug dependence."


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